Saturday, April 29, 2006


I Wanna Fuck Dirty Harry Bobby Gillespie

Primal Scream - Country Girl

Bonus Track: Uncut Country Girl Video


Legion88 said...

such a gay cowboy...
where's tha riot huh? huh?

Ménille Avénale said...

Ben voyons.

epiphanie said...

AHAH Just like me. Bobby G. is the absolut fuck. I'm glad I finally found a girl with good men taste. I shall see you on the 22th of June in Paris to dance on B.G's sexy voice? By then take care delicate flower.

(signed : epiphanie : old time blogwatcher of Emiliedascavenger if you remember)

EmilieDaScavenger said...

Ahaha, yes, Bobby G's the ultimate fuck... I don't think i'll be in paris, i'm far too broke to come, girl.
(And yeah, i do remember you, you were one of these not-so-common cool people on 20six.)
Anyway, have fun with Bobby, dear!

disappearer said...

Je proteste, Emily, ce post est totalement consensuel.
|One day he'll get licked from head to toe|
Luv it when youre alive.

heighttt said...

Still here to put rottens kittens there and over there and outthere but you'll thank me after watching this video

luvzzz peeps !!!

EmilieDaScavenger said...

What a stupid video, honey, disgutin... I definitely hate Japan.
And hey, sweet disappearer, i'm glad to know you're still round!

Anonymous said...

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